Education: My right! My future! is a project spanning four provinces (Eastern Cape, Limpopo, Mpumalanga and North West) covering over 300 primary schools with an approximate learner population of over 150 000. The project collects a range of data from schools (includes data on teachers, learners and caregivers). Many of the schools are located in far-flung rural areas. A crucial requirement of the project is the establishment of a comprehensive web-based database of schools, teachers, learners, caregivers and service-providers around the schools, which supports the real-time capture of information onto the database as inputted by training coordinators and data-collectors on the ground at remote sites. The database should also have a facility to track individual learner attendance and progress.  Being located in rural areas, the schools also need to be mapped.

Currently the project team have collected baseline data from schools and districts, which need to be transferred onto the database.

To meet the needs of the project and project reporting, a specialist database development and support organization with mapping skills, extensive experience in supporting education projects and thorough familiarity with the education system in the country is required. The service provider/consultant should also be well-experienced in supporting ministries and departments of education in establishing databases, mapping of schools and tracking of learners. Having worked with projects implemented by MIET AFRICA such as the Reach and KGIS in establishing, managing and maintaining databases, training of data-capturers, and monitoring and tracking of learner attendance and learner progress will be a distinct advantage.

The service provider/consultant should be available to start as soon as possible (September 2018).

Contract period:  September 2018 to 30th June 2019

The specific tasks required of the service provider are:

  • Work closely with the national project manager to analyse the data requirements of the funder and the project
  • Meet with the project team to get an idea of the data being collected, provide feedback on the data collection instruments, and redesign data collection instruments as required
  • Provide a draft design of the web-based database to the project team and tweak structure on the basis of the feedback form the team
  • Design website templates, menus, logos, etc.
  • Provide guidelines on how remote users and different classes of users will implement the system
  • Provide guidelines on quality control of data, through a coordinated data-management system
  • Design a reporting system that has the facility to provide live updates from school data collected remotely
  • Create PDF report downloads as per project requirements
  • Implement an audit system to track all user activity on the website
  • Provide training and support for users of the system
  • Attend project meetings periodically – adjust system and reporting as per feedback from project team
  • Provide ongoing maintenance and support of the data base to the end of the project (July 2019)

Prospective service providers / consultants are requested to submit a comprehensive proposal that should contain:

  • The company/consultant profile (including BEE status)
  • Comprehensive proposal on the establishment of the database as per requirements stated above
  • Quotation: Detailed costing structure for the establishment of the database (end result being a functional database)
  • Should MIET AFRICA consider the service provider / consultant suitable for the project, further discussions will be held with the prospective provider to take the process forward.

Proposals should be sent to

Closing date for submission of proposals is 12 September 2018.

For further information please call the project manager Chris Ramdas on 0832287782.

Download: BRIEF for database establishment E MRMF project MIET AFRICA 2018


Request for Proposal: Database Development and Management

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