Regional study of vulnerability amongst boys (10 – 20 years) in schools

MIET AFRICA seeks a senior researcher to lead an exploratory study into issues of vulnerability among boys in the SADC region. Through implementing a SADC initiative, Care and Support for Teaching and Learning (CSTL), MIET AFRICA has identified a gap in the provision of care and support for boys through schools. The current trends in education and HIV prevention programming have typically targeted girls. However, there is an urgent need to strengthen the engagement of boys and young men around supporting gender equality and female empowerment, as well as address their own specific social, emotional and development needs. Yet, there is limited available information pertaining to the vulnerabilities and specific needs of boys in school, making it difficult to respond with appropriate and effective interventions. Therefore, to inform the design of future school-based programming, MIET AFRICA will conduct an exploratory study to generate information on the key vulnerabilities experienced by boys aged 10 – 20 years and their underlying causes.

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Vacancy: Senior Researcher

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